Quotations On Intelligence

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Hello, everybody in this post i would like to share some quotations on Intelligence , Quotations along with image to download, Quotations On Intelligence with image to download. Brainy Quotes On Intelligence .

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Quotations On Intelligence

Every child ought to be more intelligent than his parent.

The intelligence is proved not by ease of learning but by understanding what we learn.

Intelligence is a quickness to apprehend as a distinct from ability, which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.

If an animal does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing for the same reason, we call it intelligence.

What is an intelligent man ? A man who enters with case and completeness into the spirit of things and the intention of persons, and who arrives at an end by the shortest route.

An intelligent man never snubs anybody.

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt.

This intelligence- testing business reminds me the way they used to weigh hogs in Texas. They would get a long plank, put it over a cross-bar, and somehow tie the hog on one end of the plank. They’d search all around till they found a stone that would balance the weight of the hog and they’d put that one the other end of the plank. Then they guess the weight of the stone.

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