Samuel Johnson -


There is little peace or comfort in life if we are always anxious as to future events. He that worries himself with the dread of possible contingencies will never be at rest.


Many things difficult to design prove easy to performance.


Our desires always increase with our possessions. The knowledge that something remains yet unenjoyed impairs our enjoyment of the good before us.


Do not accustom yourself to consider debt only as an inconvenience, you will find it a calamity.


Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.

#Critic and criticism

Criticism is a study by which men grow important and formidable at very small expense.


That is the happiest conversation of which nothing is distinctly remembered, but a general effect of pleasing impression.


A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization.


The change itself is nothing when we have made it, the next wish is to change again.